Best Glass Rack for trucks and vans

To keep up with our expansion, Weldco has moved its headquarters to its permanent location in Santa Fe Springs, California. We are very excited as it is larger and newer. If you're in the area, come by and visit us at 10124 Romandel Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. 

SINCE 1946
Weldco has been combining the ultimate in glass rack engineering and design with quality craftsmanship. Having manufactured tens of thousands of glass racks, Weldco is still the best glass rack specialist.

is a rack hand-crafted to last a lifetime. They are lighter, stronger, and more corrosion-resistant than any other rack made by our competitors. Each and every rack is custom-fit to the truck of your choice to maximize the capacity and potential of both the rack and the truck for your optimal use. Our low price makes Weldco racks the best value and investment in the entire industry. Visit our Testimonies page to see what others have to say about our products and why you should make the same choice that they have for years.

we can make racks for any pickup truck or van with any of the following heights:
  • 60"
  • 72"
  • 84"
For more information, check out our Bed-Mounted Racks page and our Van Racks page.
we can make chassis-mounted racks for all makes,  72", 86", or 96" high with any of the following lengths:
  • 9'
  • 10'
  • 12'
  • 14'
  • 16'
  • 22"
  • 24"
For more information, check out our Chassis-Mounted Rack page.
such as any of the following:
  • A-frame racks
  • pallet racks
  • half rack truck bodies
  • toolboxes
  • inside racks
  • special orders
  • options

starting as low as $995. To inquire about a rack, please feel free to Contact Us or Request A Quote. We would love to help you find the right rack for the right truck or van to do the right jobs! If you would also like to see a few of the many racks and projects we have done, see our Gallery.

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